February 17, 2015

HBJ Capital: This is a fraud company. Don't take any advisory services from them

I subscribed to the services of this company for their portfolio management services and suffice to say, I am severely disappointed.

I had taken a multi-bagger package from HBJ last year and the calls provided were not up to the mark.

Your phone number is distributed to various sales people at HBJ and they keep pestering you to buy this service or that service even if you are not interested.

These sales people leave their jobs within months because(I believe) there is a lot of pressure to get clients to buy advisory services.

Some months back, I was pestered by a sales person at HBJ to buy a bulls-eye package. They said that a 6 months medium term investment package was available at 50 % off, diwali discount. A month later, I eventually did buy it. The sales person committed fraud by giving me only 1 month instead of 6 months.

When I called up the company to complain, they said, the sales person is responsible for this, we are not responsible.

If you see other reviews on the net, you will see investors have made big losses with their portfolio services. If you see any positive reviews about HBJ, then it has been posted by their employees itself(an ex-employee of HBJ told me this.)

When a company is not willing to take responsibility for its employees actions, you are better off NOT dealing with such companies.

STAY AWAY FROM HBJ Capital. If something is too good to be true, it probably isn't true.







http://www.glassdoor.ca/Reviews/HBJ-Capital-Services-Reviews-E756235.htm (for potential employees)

February 7, 2015

Jiva ayurveda: What are the reviews of this chain of clinics?

Was looking to get treatment for a uncommon condition and was wondering if anybody has anything to share about Jiva. I think it does veer quite a bit towards commercialisation and over-hype, overpromotion of Dr Chauhan but I'd hold my opinion until they can help me out with my problems.

एक असामान्य स्थिति के लिए उपचार प्राप्त करने के लिए देख रहा था और किसी को भी जीव के बारे में साझा करने के लिए कुछ भी किया है, तो सोच रहा था। मैं इसे डॉ चौहान की overpromotion, व्यावसायीकरण की दिशा में और अधिक प्रचार काफी एक सा वीर करता है, लेकिन वे अपनी समस्याओं के साथ मेरी मदद कर सकते हैं जब तक मैं अपनी राय पकड़ होता लगता है।

January 19, 2015

The disaster that is TASMAC: Tamil Nadu State Marketing Association



March 6, 2014

BBMP trade license online in bangalore

*post updated 14/05/2014

You can now download the acknowledgement receipt online too.

4 simple steps to get your trade license

Keep your old trade license form out
1) Go to http://tl.sasbbmp.com/Forms/FrmTradeLicenceRenewal.aspx

2) Fill in the details and submit the form. Take a printout of acknowledgement

3) Go to any IDBI bank and make the payment through cash/DD(preferable)

4) Go to http://tl.sasbbmp.com/Forms/FrmReDownloadAcknowledgementReceipt.aspx
and enter the acknowledgement number. You will get a pdf page that shows the date you made the payment.
Print it out.

That's all. Your trade license is done. If you want to, go to your local BBMP office to get the paper certificate but it is not necessary.

Sick of the bribe being demanded by BBMP local offices for renewal of your trade license?

Go to http://tl.sasbbmp.com/Forms/FrmTradeLicenceRenewal.aspx, get your last year's renewal receipt out, enter the license no. (should be fkcci/123/07-08 or something similar. Enter fkcci/123 in the box)

Enter the details marked with * as they are mandatory. Select the categories that you trade in(be careful to enter the correct categories you trade in otherwise you will pay extra fees unnecessarily.) Click submit.

Print out the form(online payment is not active as I believe local bbmp offices want to collect bribes while they still can) and get a dd made for your license amount. Go to any IDBI Bank and submit the printout of the trade license and complete the payment.

Next, go to your local BBMP office and collect your trade license or get it updated. If they refuse, you can go to the Corporation office near Hudson circle and complain.

And why are bbmp officials are not keen on giving you a trade license? This officer makes 3 lakh a day..