October 9, 2005

Class warfare: the clash of the cafs

Chris Wells's daily lunch diet consists of French fries and a can of pop. He knows it's a far cry from the healthy fare, but the 17-year-old simply shrugs his shoulders.

"I prefer the caf," he said, as he squirts ketchup onto his fries. "The Avocado tries to get too fancy and make home-cooked meals."

Donna Bottrell, a nutrition and culinary manager at Compass Group Canada, said the company is slowly trying to introduce students across the country to healthy foods in the form of wraps, salads and sandwiches. In some schools, the sale of fries has dropped as kids choose healthier options, she said.

But taking the fries out of the cafeteria is not necessarily the answer, because students would leave school grounds to buy them, Ms. Bottrell said.

This reminded me of the movie- Super size me where they show the interview with the students in the cafetaria and the cook of that kitchen.

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