October 1, 2005

European population facts

Today 79 countries are dying because of low birthrates. By the year 2015, an estimated 67% of all people will live in countries with fertility rates at or below replacement level (NewYork Times, 2 Nov 1997)
Many European countries are already trying to prop up their workforce with migrants.It has been estimated that to maintain its working population longterm Europe would need 3.6 milllion immigrants per year.

How does this affect the makeup of their population? In Europe, Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity. Germany is slowly but steadily becoming Muslim.There are 2,000 mosques and prayer centers in Germany, and a new one opening almost every day. The only European countries that are growing are Muslim Albania and Catholic Malta. Most foreigners in Europe are Muslim. In Spain there have been 100 new mosques built in a period of only ten years.
In North America, the Muslim birthrate is three times the US average family. There are six million Muslims in the US.We have to admire their religious fervor, praying five times daily. They have very high moral values, strong family life and marital stability, and so they are against the immoral decadence of the West. They take a strong stand against abortion, sterilization,homosexuality, and other devious practices that undermine society and the family. Muslims and Christians work together to defeat UN anti-life proposals. However,Muslims achieve with babies what they couldn't win by wars. A Muslim will rarely marry outside Islam, but 100,000 non-Muslim, German girls have married Muslim men and the majority will bring their children up for Islam.The down side of this stable growth is the intolerant antagonism to Christianity of many Muslims. Their religion glorifies "the holy war", and is a dangerous threat to Christianity. A Muslim can enjoy freedom in "Christian" countries, but Christians suffer severe persecution in most "Islamic" countries. The worst persecution of Christians is in Algeria and Sudan where 2,000,000 Christians were killed during the Sudanese War.Within six months in 1998, 3,000 women and children were sold into slavery. (Source HLI)


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