October 16, 2005

Hello, Nanny

Romanian au-pairs go to West Germany(saw this on InFocus, dw-tv, 2004) and East German au-pairs go to the US. :)


Recently Arrived Au Pairs Get a Crash Course on America's House Rules

The motivation to move to a foreign country, live with strangers and take care of their children for a year is relatively easy to grasp, Sandee thinks. She quickly deconstructs it with her unscientific poll of trainees:

"How many came because you want to improve your English?"

Everyone raises her hand.

"How many came because you hope to find a rich American husband?"

Half the hands in the ballroom shoot up, amid giggles.

"How many came because you wanted to have an adventure?"

Most hands up.

"How many came because you want to take care of American children?"

One hand.


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