October 26, 2005

Official response of IIPM

NOTE: This blog is not the official blog of IIPM. It is not connected in anyway with IIPM(Is it so hard to understand that from the statements below?). The ad was taken from a online news website.

The Gaurav Sabnis incident opened up a whole can of worms. What was a minor headache before Sabnis's resignation has become a chronic migraine that no medicine(except cleaning up its act) will cure.

IIPM took out a adverstisement in the paper today clarifying the points that the blogger community had been discussing. I'm still skeptical of the clarifications they have put forth.

-Are the IIPM buildings according to the photos on IIPM's website?

-Have distinguished professors from the said universities actually lectured students of IIPM?

-JAM and Sabnis stated that companies coming to recruit on campus were far fewer than IIPM claims it to be?

-Can the companies who were provided consulting solutions by IIPM confirm IIPM's statement? Planman seems to be a offshoot of IIPM. For details, see here- http://maheshnat.blogspot.com/2005/10/iipm-v-bloggers-part-iii.html

Update: At around 9.40pm Oct 26(today) CNBC TV18 had a discussion between a AICTE official and Shereen Bhan about IIPM. The AICTE official clarified that non-governmental institutes cannot use India(n) in their names. Shereen asked, then why has IIPM been allowed to keep the name for 32 years(!) years.. AICTE reply: We have already sent them a notice in this matter. Hmm.. 32 years. That's a lof of time for the AICTE and govt officials to smoke crack and sleep like kumbhkaran over this matter.

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