October 3, 2005

Premji at home in Pune!

Pune: You won’t find India’s IT icon Azim Premji singing “Country roads take me home’’ while in Pune. The reason: he’s already feeling “at home’’ while travelling on Pune’s bad roads.
   “Pune’s roads were once better but now they’re like in Bangalore. Therefore, I’m feeling at home here,’’ Premji said here on Friday at a seminar.
   “I’m coming to Pune after 11 months and saw that the roads in Pune have become as bad as the roads in Bangalore are. Once this trend sets in, it’s important to push back very quickly before it reaches huge proportions.’’ More IT companies will come to Pune, and unless infrastructure keeps pace with the growth, Pune will go the Bangalore way, he warned.

Vehicles wade through ankledeep water in Vasanthanagar on Friday following showers. The city recorded 27.5 mm of rain. There were reports of waterlogging at Jayanagar, Double Road, areas near Mico office, and in Koramangala, Ejipura, J P Nagar VI and VIII phases and Mysore Road. There were traffic jams at Lalbagh, Double Road and Hosur Road. BCC officials, however, claimed there was no waterlogging, and there were no complaints except a case of fallen tree in BTM Layout.

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