October 8, 2005

Zimbabwe: living in a lunatic asylum

But I am not at all bemused at these developments for, after all, this past
weekend we saw the FAO and the United Nations spending millions of US
dollars on a conference in Harare attended by 170 delegates from 50
countries to discuss "food safety". Mr. Mugabe was asked to open the
conference - no doubt in recognition of the fact that he now has the world
community feeding half his population, one third of his population in exile
as economic and political refugees and has overseen the most precipitous
decline in life expectancy and life quality in any country in the world in
the past 50 years. No doubt the UN thinks that these achievements merit
granting the Mugabe regime this recognition. Just like putting Cuba and
other totalitarian States in charge of the Human Rights Commission of the
UN. If it were not so tragic it would be vastly amusing.

When will this nightmare end? I said to a friend that we live in a lunatic
asylum where the lunatics are in charge and the sane are the inmates.
Sometimes I think the UN is a bit like that as well. You can leave the UN -
you can walk in the front door and out the back and ignore its lunatic
activities but you cannot do that with your country. In fact right now, they
are contemplating removing even our freedom to flee. We are locked in and
must work things out for ourselves. It does not help however when the rest
of the world accepts the lunatics who run our country as sane and sensible
people. One day they will appreciate that by doing so they demean themselves and give credence to what would otherwise be a clear case of collective insanity.

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