November 2, 2005

Oshin: and the DVD with english voice over

May 2014 update-

I haven't watched much non-comedy tv in the past 10 years. Recently, on orkut, looking at various communities, I came across the Byomkesh Bakshi community. I don't recall much but it was an interesting program and am trying to get the vcds' of this program.
Looking at the byomkesh bakshi program, I was reminded of another program that I wanted the dvd's for- Oshin. Broadcast god knows 12-16 years(actually 1984-92) back in India on DD1. Used to watch it in the beginning but lost the plot in the later episodes. Searching for the DVD of this program, led to this site.
I'm not sure if Oshin was broadcast in India in hindi or english but whatever broadcast it was; was excellent. There is a seller on ebay selling the complete Oshin series- 7 DVD sets with 31 disks. Only problem, its all in japanese.
English subtitles is ok but english voiceover would be way better. The official price of the DVD set is 1080 $. This guy is selling it for 1500 $. A tad bit too high. IMHO
Nippon Golden Network (NGN) did broadcast with english subtitles of Oshin in 1998(all 207 episodes). NGN is based in Hawaii but does not seem to have a website. I'm going to ask around on the japanese file network for this program but not sure if they'll have the english version of it.
I'm getting in contact with DD officials and will enquire about this program. Not sure if they will be allowed to sell it but who knows.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to look for the Oshin DVD with either English subtitles or voiceover. I used to watch it with my mom as a kid and I really want to get her the entire set.
Did you get a hold of anything?

Unknown said...

hi, i am also in the same situation as urs. could u plz tel me if u hav found out any source for oshin in english. to this email thank you

Bonita said...

Hi, I am also in the same situation as yours. I have tried and am trying to look for the Oshin DVD with English subtitles and voiceover. I used to watch it with my parents as a kid too and I named my daughter Oshin. It would be fabulous if have found entire set. I would love to have them and show my daughter Oshin. I would be appreciate if contact me on
Thank you Bonita

Ayman Cherkaoui said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Oshin too! We watched in South America through the Peruvian channels, where it was broadcasted in its entirety dubbed in Spanish. (There's a huuge number of people of Japanese descent in Peru). I've been waaaiting for ages for a kidn soul to put this on the web.. but nada.

However, I stumbled across this on the net and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to "pool" resources to acquire this copy. Its expensive at 500 bucks, but its cheaper than the NHK guy on ebay.

It is also possible to buy the NKH version direct from I believe.

Anonymous said...

i watched oshin here in riyadh saudi arabia, it was aired twice and done in english voice-over and it was done excellently, so i know there's an english version. but whom to contact i don't i wish i could get a copy either in english subtitles or voice over, so if you acquire one let me know please....

Anonymous said...

i agree to all of you oshin is worth searching for...i've seen it twice in english voice-over- done i think by the nippon golden network so i'm sure they have a copies in english voice over but i don't know the website or whom to contact. i hope the oshin fanatics will work together to have them in dvd's it's a treasure to pass it on to our if there's any news please let me know!!!

Oshin fan wanting dvd said...

I wish NHK would release an OFFICIAL DVD set of Oshin with English subtitles. You can see clips on youtube where various TV stations around the world aired Oshin with English subtitles.

oshin fan said...

The price for the DVD set at groinkcaps dropped to $250.

wina85 said...

I'm looking for OSHIN fullset DVDs too.
That website:,
the email contact address is no longer exist.
Any idea where to get them? Possibly the inexpensive ones.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

What Wina85 is true. The seller's email is not exist anymore. And yes, the price is now US250.00. I hope the seller will open/browse this forum and leave the correct email address. Many people will buy from him since I watched the snapshot and it's in good quality.

Anonymous said...

groinkcaps can be found here:

However, this time he sells to U.S. - Mainland only.

Ask him if he want to sell it internationally.

masoud said...

I found Oshin series its in original language. they're in 4 dvd.
If you need them just let me know.

Anonymous said...

This guy has the version in English Subtitle.

Anonymous said...

i am trying to buy Oshin's english dubbing rather than english subtitle. Does anyone know if there is english dubbing for this series? When I was kid, I have watched with a English dubbed one. So it must be there. Please let me know if anyone knows it at my email address:

Unknown said...

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