December 18, 2005

Backpacking through Europe

One of the most interesting traveller accounts I have ever come across-
In June of 1999, I was informed that I was going to be laid off, along with hundreds of other Cable & Wireless employees in Sacramento. My fellow Internet Technician Tara convinced me to take the plunge & buy a ticket to Europe. We set about planning our trip while we were waiting for the axe to fall. Eric saw us planning (at work) and was welcomed on board.
It was the first trip abroad for each of us.

We each had some money coming in for severence pay, but it wasn't really enough for a luxurious trip. We backpacked across Europe.

How much money did I spend?

I was gone for 3 months. Including a $900 flight and a $800 eurail pass, I spent $7,300.

How many pictures did I take?

2,955 or an average of 33 a day. That's 153 Megs of photos. (and you thought your uncle's slideshows were boring!)

  • July 7-13: Arrival  the $28 London Rave
  • July 14-20: London   Kung Fu in King's Fried Chicken
  • July 21-27: Scotland and Ireland   exploring a bombed-out Belfast Church
  • July 28-Aug 3: Amsterdam   Hookers, Sex Shops and Pot!
  • Aug 4-Aug 10: Paris   "all luggages left unattended will be immediately destroyed"
  • Aug 11-Aug 17: Paris and Barcelona   Selling digital Photos at the Eiffel Tower
  • Aug 18-Aug 24: Madrid and Lisbon   Alone in Lisbon, the ATMs stop working
  • Aug 25-Aug 31: Lisbon and Seville   I try hitch-hiking to Seville
  • Sept 1-Sept 7: Morocco   a $3 hotel room!
  • Sept 8-Sept 14: Florence   I jump out of a moving train
  • Sept 15-Sept 21: Rome and Athens   old marble headquarters
  • Sept 22-Sept 28: Greek Isles and the journey to Vienna   Transylvania train drama
  • Sept 29-Oct 5: Prague, Berlin and San Francisco.   My typing is declared "perverted"
  • Epilogue   How much did all this cost?
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