February 17, 2006

Boycott the Cartoon Protestors

 At the entrance of JC road, Bangalore there was the charred remains of a wooden pole and a cloth flag, no doubt either it being a Danish or American flag. When my friend saw that, he immediately realized that the protests had come to bangalore as today was friday, these muslims' "prayer day".

As he proceeded through JC Road at 2.30pm, in front of Canara Bank on J.C Road, the friend saw about 250 muslim protestors shouting slogans against America and displaying green flags inconveniencing fellow motorists travelling on that road. The normal travel time through the whole of JC road takes 5 min in the afternoon. Today, because of the actions of these inconsiderate muslims, it took him 30 minutes.

These stupid protests against the Danish cartoons have finally come to Bangalore. It seemed that the muslim populace might have averted the brainlessness displayed by their fellow brothers in other parts of the world and kashmir, but no, idiots of a group bunch together. They had to show their solidarity with idiots around the world and immaturity to fellow bangaloreans.

The protestors, scruffy fellows, looked like semi-hooligans with hot blood raging through their veins and no brains in their heads.

Some of the younger protestors(numbering about 15-20) entered the Janardhan Silks complex and tried to create some tomfoolery but 1-2 older protestors asked to come out of the complex. From their actions, it seems these protestors were out to make a nuisance of themselves and their religion. Fellow motorists around the friend too were shaking their heads at these poor protestors. None of the motorists sympathized with them or their actions.

Later, the friend found out some interesting information about these protestors.

-The friend found out that these protestors were "encouraged" with gifts(monetary and inkind) by the arab countries(saudi arabia) and egypt to conduct this protest(s) in bangalore. The egyptian embassy has taken the active role in spreading the protests.

-He said that saudi money was given to egypt on the advice of mullahs close to the saudi govt. Egypt was asked to co-ordinate these actions without anybody being able to point a direct finger at the active involvement of the saudi government.

-Less than a month back, the saudi king was the jan 26, republic day "guest of honor" in India. He declared that Saudi Arabia had a special bond with India. The saudi government was surprised by this statement. Since then, the saudi govt has been actively trying to downplay the king's words and the protests were a way of downgrading the king's statements.

-Some of the people in protest have links with terrorist and extremist groups in saudi arabia, yemen and pakistan. The organisers of today's protest are also linked with the same organisations that provided funding and logistical support to the gunmen responsible for the killing of a scientist in the Indian Institute of Science(IISc) campus 2 months back.

-To conduct the protests in India, the egyptian govt sought the help of the pakistani govt to activate their contacts in the ISI in Bangalore.

-Egypt has taken the lead role in threatening governments around the world asking their newspapers not to publish the cartoons otherwise their embassies would be in "trouble" too.

These muslim protestors in Bangalore need to be photographed and be "shamed" publicly. Civilized citizens of bangalore and other parts of the world need to boycott these idiots and their services if they are to be taught a lesson.

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