March 13, 2006

Godrej on socialism

IF 63-year-old Adi Godrej could have Alladin’s lamp, he’d wish to be a 20-yearold again today. The chairman of the 108-year-old Godrej Group explains why, “It’s the times we live in now that enthrall me. Today’s youth is much more forward looking, confident and dynamic.” That, coming from a man who got inducted into the company at the tender age of 21… the same young man who has been with the group since its Rs 10 croreturnover days and has steered it with his family members to its current mark of Rs 5,500 crore!
Golden words from this wise man linger. “We, as the older generation, are stupid to have believed in socialism. The free economy that has been introduced into the country in the last 15 years has made us a proud nation. The government has no business to be in business.

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