September 21, 2006

If Islam is the religion of peace, it should act like it

I applaud the pope for his refusal to cater to the ridiculous demands by Muslims to recant his innuendo supposedly disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad ["Iraq Al-Qaida sends warning to the pope," Sept. 19].

I have a few questions about the Muslim concept of jihad.

If Muhammad is so powerful, why does he need Muslims everywhere to defend him? Shouldn't he be able to see to his own affairs and not need angry mobs to enforce his will?

If Allah is a god, and all-powerful, let him show the world in a way other than hordes of insurgents burning flags and blowing things up.

Islam would gain a lot more respect in the world if its followers would cease committing random acts of violence and actually begin to practice the "peace" they purport to represent.

Build some schools, generate some jobs, do something good for the world.

My next complaint is the lame argument that says something along the lines of "Islam (the religion of peace) doesn't promote violence; remember Christians are just as violent, and never forget the Crusades." Can we move past then and just look at now?

Muslims all over the globe threaten to start World War III from a cartoon, or the mere mention of something construed as negative against Muhammad.

How many Christian riots were sparked by Madonna doing her crucifix-and-lingerie routine in Rome? None. No violence reported anywhere by those rabid Christian extremists lurking in small towns everywhere.

I personally thought about burning a few tires in my cul-de-sac, but I couldn't fathom the uproar from my HOA.

Can you imagine the ensuing holocaust if Madonna had pulled that stunt posing as Muhammad? Need I say more?

Craig Patton



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