September 10, 2006

Satellite TV in India

It is only in 2006 that satellite tv has finally made its appearance in India. Dish tv has been in India for a while but it was targeted at rural customers(who being simpletons, are not aware or demand of any intelluctual channels.) This means that customers in urban areas whose tastes are more sophisticated are deprived of viewing options. Tata sky is adverstising its services on tv but it's not really a wise option because it has only 55 channels and it is no different from what the local cable operator provides. I am aware of how prevalent tv dishes are in the US, Iran, europe and other countries. These countries have had satellite tv for a decade or more.
The point I'm trying to highlight is how backward India is in this area. Repeated govt intervention against companies who want to bring satellite tv to India has left Indians deprived of viewing options that people in other countries consider a given. I spoke to my local cable tv operator and the tv cable company is not planning to introduce set-top boxes in bangalore without a court order. This is their decision but it is not a wise one because they are unilaterally deciding what the customer wants or not wants. As and when another tv company decides to provide a better package, this cable operator will suffer for its arrogance. And I won't feel pity for them.

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