November 17, 2006

Milton Friedman tribute- 50 links

I am an unabashed follower of Friedman and his policies. Therefore as a mark of tribute to his contributions to economics, this post will include wsj articles, links to articles and a link to the Free to choose series official, unofficial.

Gary Becker and Posner on Friedman

Bloomberg article on Friedman , FT Milton Friedman, economist, dies aged 94 , SFGate Milton Friedman, the watch and me

LA Times article(long and reasonably detailed, better than wsj's.) , The Times UK- Chicago boy who gave monetarism to the world

NYtimes Milton Friedman, Free Markets Theorist, Dies at 94 , AUSTAN GOOLSBEE- Charismatic Economist Who Loved to Argue

WSJ- Milton Friedman: In His Own Words Forbes-Milton Friedman: An Open Book Tennis with Milton

Mercurynews- Milton Friedman felt vindicated by history Friedman's last interview on nov 5, 2006 interview of Friedman by Tunku Varadarajan

Foxnews- 'Your World' Interview With Economist Milton Friedman

Audio and Video There are a few videos here- All except one(PBS Open Mind) are from the free to choose series. The PBS Open Mind video is 30 min. Direct link to video

google video- Charlie Rose interviewing Milton Friedman- 440MB. I have downloaded the video, well worth the 1 $.

A Conversation with Milton Friedman 1:12:00 83MB mp3

Russ Roberts interview with Friedman,
Part 1 audio transcript and Part 2 audio transcript

Capitalism and Freedom revisited-

Reason magazine links
Best of Both Worlds Milton Friedman reminisces about his career as an economist and his lifetime "avocation" as a spokesman for freedom.

Civil Warrior Capitalism and Friedman

The Father of Modern School Reform

Can We Bank on the Federal Reserve?

New Perspectives Quarterly Magazine-
Free Markets and the End of History

"Economic Freedom, Human Freedom, Political Freedom" by Milton Friedman Delivered November 1, 1991

Milton Friedman on the "War on Drugs

Friedman's 90th birthday -
Economically speaking, Friedman No. 1 Uchicago- chibus Friedman Celebrates 90th Birthday

Milton Friedman and India
A Memorandum to the Government of India 1955 To understand why this is significant, see video 2 of the Free to Choose series. Milton Friedman on the Nehru/Mahalanobis Plan(pdf)

Friedman and flat taxes in Europe , Lessons of smaller states , New Europe’s Boomtown Pioneer of the 'flat tax' taught the East to thrive Flat tax champion who ignored the economists
For more see
Opinionjournal- Israel Gets a Taste of Friedman

Blogs on Friedman (many of the links above and below are taken from various blogs.) (some of the updated links in this post are from prestpundit.) on Milton Friedman

Gregory Mankiw - The Economist of the Century

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