November 4, 2006

Orkut: The Killer Wail

A perplexed Jai Arjun Singh whines about Orkut but also tries (very half-heartedly) to understand why it appeals to so many people?
A few weeks ago, shortly after I accepted an invitation to open an account on Orkut, the increasingly popular online forum run by Google, a female friend expressed annoyance about the many strange men who hit on her after seeing her profile (which, by and by, specified her status as "married").
There are random testosterone-charged alpha-males trawling this community, she tut-tutted; they put up photographs of their flexed biceps, seek out women of all hues and shapes and leave messages to the tune of "Hi! Wanna make fransip?" Or something equally ungrammatical but much more explicit.
A month on, with due respect to all ladies who dislike being harassed thus, I must play devil's advocate and proffer this observation: of all the people I've seen using the Orkut scrapbook to communicate, those desperate Romeos are easily among the most purposeful.

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