June 24, 2011

How to install the Photoshop Elements 2 in win 7

Shifting over from Win xp to win 7 but want Elements 2? Install Photoshop elements and then follow this:

The solution I found was to make a permanent swap file for the system. Go into system properties and click the Avanced System Settings. Display the Advanced tab. In the Performance box, click Settings. Display the Advanced tab. In the Virtual memory box, click Change. Unmark the option to automatically manage the paging file size. Mark the optio to for a Custom size. Enter an initial and maximum size. I put in 8142 and 12213. Click Set. (This is important...don't skip this step!) Then click OK. Re-boot your machine, and you should be good to go with PhotoShop Elements 2.

Once you've got photoshop running, to install the crack, (the one that works for me is N-gen cracking crew/ Gbillou/ 24-12-2002 patch file), copy the patch app to the photoshop folder and right click the application and select "run as administrator", the patch will run and photoshop will work fine now. If you run the patch app, it will do nothing because of the way win 7 in installed)