June 4, 2012

Inner Strength Foundation- trust or not?

Been looking around for some information but couldn't find much. My father had attended 4 or 5 of these "shivirs" in the past 2 years (BTW, I am completely against this hocus focus). He received receipts that stated that the foundation is registered as a trust with the govt and donations are exempt under the 80g act.

While filing this year's tax returns, my auditor asked me to provide the PAN no. of this foundation. Ah, missed that. We have donated to Cry, Helpage etc and their receipts prominently state the PAN no. Everybody who donates to these organisations cannot be expected to call up the offices to ask for the PAN no. But Inner Strength Foundation's receipts have no PAN no. stated.

Why not state it on the receipt if they have one? If not, why mention their trust/foundation status on their receipts?

So my auditor calls up the Delhi "office" of Inner Strength Foundation and amazingly, there is only one landline no. and 4 mobile no.s. For such a prominent organization, only 5 contact no.s?

011-32909026, +(91)-9811016531, 9999985961, 9999985962, 9999985963

The landline no. doesn't work. The first mobile is always busy or not available. One of the other numbers do work but you'll be lucky to get a call back if they don't pick up.

They have ashrams in various places but no contact information is provided about them. 

My main concern is that is this foundation a responsible one?