June 27, 2013

Allschoolstuff.com, what's up with this company?

There's a wierd company that's been showing up in my india free stuff newsletters. Allschoolstuff.com. This website's selection is nominal, not that great but the reviews on mouthshut are abysmal.

They have been giving huge vouchers, 50 % off etc. This kind of promotion is not really sustainable. Their customer service is quite non-existent. From the reviews I've read, they have selective amnesia when shipping.
Even if I could place an order on the website using my credit card, I would be spending a lot of time and energy disputing the charge with my bank. Do you really want to buy from a website that has a bad selection,  prices higher than MRP, offers too outlandish coupons, ships late, items are near expiry, customer service is bad and refunds are in the form of coupons(why would I want buy anything after such experiences)?

The breathtaking difference in customer happiness between this site and flipkart, snapdeal or amazon.in makes me wonder if these guys are hemorrhaging money? Why would anybody want to buy from this company in the first place? Just curious how they've got 600k+ likes on facebook for their page..

Edit- This company has shut down.