February 17, 2015

HBJ Capital/Comexmaster: This is a fraud company. Don't take any advisory services from them AVOID.

HBJ Capital and Comexmaster are the same company.

I subscribed to the services of this company for their portfolio management services and suffice to say, I am severely disappointed.

I had taken a multi-bagger package from HBJ last year and the calls provided were not up to the mark.

Your phone number is distributed to various sales people at HBJ and they keep pestering you to buy this service or that service even if you are not interested.

These sales people leave their jobs within months because(I believe) there is a lot of pressure to get clients to buy advisory services.

When I called up the company to complain, they said, the sales person is responsible for this, we are not responsible.

If you see other reviews on the net, you will see investors have made big losses with their portfolio services. If you see any positive reviews about HBJ, then it has been posted by their employees itself(an ex-employee of HBJ told me this.)

When a company is not willing to take responsibility for its employees actions, you are better off NOT dealing with such companies.

STAY AWAY FROM HBJ Capital. If something is too good to be true, it probably isn't true.

update- They have been barred by SEBI. Also, they operate another website- comexmaster.com. Avoid this company too.










http://www.glassdoor.ca/Reviews/HBJ-Capital-Services-Reviews-E756235.htm (for potential employees)

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1 comment:

mvbm31 said...

They shunted till paying by calling several times to get money. they are giving calls without stioplosses and even it is going losses they will not advise to sell and reduce losses. at the end they blame you for booking losses.if we stay ,as advised, we lose more.
They are cheaters, lure our money, i lost money heavily by joining HBJ both in their schemes and advises, i will file complaint PLEASE DON'T JOIN BY SAYING TO PAY MONEY TO NEPAL VICTIMS. NOW I AM SURE YOU DID NOT PAID MONEY TO THEM ALSO