December 27, 2015

Update on OSAR Capital / HBJ Capital Dec 2015

Osar capital seems to have been making changes in the past 2 months regarding its web presence.

1) It has shut down its osarcapital,com website and activated its osarcapital,in website.

2) osarcapital,in is now a single web page

The old osar dot com website had 5-6 pages (details of which are available on archive)

3)There is no contact info at all on their new website. No phone numbers, no email, no office address.

4) They have been indulging in heavy SEO activity to remove any negative websites(like, etc) (all archives of their activities is available)

5)They have removed all links that may have HBJ and Osar capital. (archives of which are available.)

6) On the osarcapital,com website, they had posted info about Amit Baburao Ahire, their investment advisor. Osarcapital,in does not have any info about him.

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December 10, 2015

Trust or not:

Recently received an sms from a comapny-

Multiply your money, give miss call 026530905xx. 

Is this company to be trusted? NO. does not have a SEBI investment advisory registration number.


I checked our their website and there is no information 
No details on
-who the team is
-what is their experience
-where have they learnt their investment trade
-why should I trust their advice
-where is their office
-what are their contact numbers? 
-SEBI registration number