January 11, 2016

Shuble advisory: Trust or not

Received this email from shuble advisory,com

Is this company to be trusted? NO

This company has no details about its investment team.

It just mentions it has a team. Who are the members of the team, their qualifications, how long they have been in business, where have they worked earlier. No details.

Will you trust your hard earned money with somebody you have not seen, not spoken to, is not qualified?

Shuble advisory,com does not have a SEBI investment advisory registration number.

This shuble advisory is another of those HBJ offshoots.

Their domain registration details are hidden. This is another red flag.


I checked our their website and there is no information 
No details on
-who the team is
-what is their experience
-where have they learnt their investment trade
-why should I trust their advice
-where is their office (mentioned)
-what are their contact numbers? (mentioned)
-SEBI registration number

Shubleadvisory,com is owned by a person name Subha Kant Jain

This research analyst has worked at HBJ and is now working at Shuble Advisory.

registered address: (this is different from their office address, mentioned below)

BANGALORE - 560078
Karnataka - INDIA

office address

#11, 12, 13, 3rd floor, Nayaks pride,
Jalaram indl estate, Bannerghatta road,



Diwakar Vyas diwakar@shubleadvisory,comto:"arun.mani@outlook.com" <arun.mani@outlook.com>date:Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 15:21 PM
subject:Target oriented

Dear Sir,


scenario it will not easy to make profit without advisory service, where we will research more and will provide you sure-shot calls

  • We assure above 95% accuracy on consistent basis.
  • 4-5 Premium Positional future calls per week and 1 paid call from NSE per month.
  • Each call profit would be 30k to 60k
  • We will fix first target of 10 Lacs profit  and minimum 500 to 1000 Quantity you have to take.
  • This Package is Ideal for those who don't want to give Money in advance (Who want to Pay after Getting Profit)
  • Limited Quality calls of Stock Future, Nifty Future & Bank Nifty based on FII & DII Trades.
  • Calls through phone call with Proper Entry & Exit with strict SL.
  • Main feature of this Service is that you have to Pay out of your Profit not from your Capital.
  • Full support on Phone & Messenger in any situation.
  • Minimum Capital requirement: Rs 3,00,000 to 7,00,000
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Some Necessary point-

  • Only Software as well as internal news based call will be given to you.
  • Fully Strategy Based Call will be given to client.
  • We will  take care of client account. So no loss with 100% money back Guarantee.
  • We have also facility to handle client's terminal.
Subscription charges-

Installment - 20% charge on total return of 10 Lakh) as below. 15k you have to pay now for registration (which i will recover in 1-2 calls maximum)
  • First Installment 40k once you get return of 2 Lakh
  • Second Installment 40k once you get return of 4 Lakh
  • Third Installment 40K once you get return of 6 Lakh
  • Fourth Installment 40k once you get return of 8 Lakh.
  • Fifth Installment 40k once you get return of 10 Lakh.

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