March 24, 2016

PRESS NOTICE: SEBI bans Osar Capital and Amit Baburao Ahire. March 17 2016

SEBI passed this order on March 17, 2016.

Mr Raman passed the order to stop Osar Capital and Amit Baburao Ahire from providing any investment services to the public.

Mr. Amit Baburao Ahire, a SEBI registered investment adviser, has blatantly violated the conditions subject to which he has been granted registration by knowingly and willingly allowing a SEBI debarred entity viz.HBJ Capital Services Private Limited to use his SEBI registration, for carrying out investment advisory services in return of money

The full order is available here:


We had sent complaints to SEBI against Osar capital and Amit baburao Ahire starting in Sep, 2015. The public should avoid dealing with such people.

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