July 11, 2016

Shivyog: this sums up my thoughts of this organization

Completely fake , I know this as I was associated with shivyog for 4 years, you are hypnotised into it & you completely surrender without using your logic mind as baba says if you want any spiritual achievement stop using your logic mind. This baba had nothing about 15 years back , his wife was a school teacher in some school in Delhi, it was difficult even to meet his two ends ,when this golden idea stuck him. Thus Rajendra Ratra became baba Shivanand. He started from a rented accommodation flat in Vasant Kunj, Delhi and today is the owner of several million dollars with properties in Spain , London, Mauritius and of course India 
His son who was thrusted into this business as he was not interested in studies thus after completing in 12th he was made acharya, he couldn t earn more in any other business than this. His daughter is divorced , somebody ask him he has so many power couldn t he stop his daughters divorce? 
To sum it up it another case of complete fraud!



Sudika Harkhu said...

how do you know his daughter was divorced. ..not nice to aay such things without proof

Scrum said...

Oh please, shut up.

If you don't know what is going on behind the scenes at shivyog, then don't come here and comment.

Anonymous said...

Shivyog is complete hallucination....and the shivyog organization have flooded their publicity on internet very nicely

Anil Shah said...

It is sad that the government does not investigate this organization & the leader quickly, despite having seen/received allegations early enough. In the process, thousands of gullible followers will have paid huge amounts to the fake baba & his organization.

Anil Shah said...

The authorities should investigate the authenticity of this fake guru who has claimed that he spent considerable time meditating on the Himalayas with allegations that he was living in rented flat in Delhi. Thousands of followers have paid huge sums to attend his shibirs. Why such high charges? It is clear that he is fooling people & now he has convinced his followers that his son has knowledge to teach the followers. The son’s literacy can be checked & I can vouch that he would fail the test. Come on people, wake up & stay away from this fake person who is fooling you with his nonsense.