January 15, 2017

Further details on stocktips,net,in Munafa research and Arnavcorp

PLEASE COMPLAIN TO SEBI sebi@sebi.gov.in about Munafa Research and Arnavcorp.

Their website WHOIS details-

http://www.statsinfinity.com/domain/077H1Q60auMeRlS7DHPJZv0Hv6qPnX8T_info.html (http://archive.is/dlLqR)

These are the numbers listed of the fraudsters in case you want to tell them you are putting in a complaint with SEBI.

98260112233 Ph no.

986789756 (mentioned on the website)
8955644663 (received in sms')
7096132662 (given in their facebook page posts)
7566226656 (given on the domain whois page, see above)

The stocktips website terms and conditions page lists 


One certainly does not expect them to draft a coherent terms and conditions but the least they could do is read it through. But one does not expect such amateurs to display such polish.

https://document.li/MYO3 or https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/01/11/stocktips-whois/


Archive of stocktips's homepage- http://archive.is/l9WD1 (incase they take their website down).

Additional details:
https://plus.google.com/113913258341746726390/posts/GjRo6z4Mzrw (posted by Raj Singh Kushwah) http://archive.is/AbmK1


Designated Partners of Sachinraj Munafa Markeitng Llp are Sachin Ghosh and Raj Kumar Singh Kushwah. 

Sachinraj Munafa Markeitng Llp's LLP Identification Number is (LLPIN)AAD-2256. Its Email address is lsrconsultants28@gmail.com and its registered address is E 55, SCHEME NO 94 RING ROAD INDORE Indore MP 452010

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