June 28, 2017

Another pump and dump scam- SFL INTER (BSE 530867)

Got a sms today (3, actually) from AM-EQUSTR trying to persuade me to buy 5000 shares of SFL Intl Ltd

This company is a "Clothes and fabric manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India".

So this company's stock price is on the decline since the past 2 years (at a time when there is a bull market). 

So what does this mean? It means that the promoters are fooling their shareholders in this company.

In addition to not adding value, they are now running a pump and dump scam (for an example, see http://logtk.blogspot.in/2017/01/stocktips-arnavcorp-munafa-research-and.html )


If you can, put in a complaint to SEBI at sebi@sebi.gov.in

Investing in stocks on SMS tips? Most likely its a manipulator trying to loot you [Economic Times]


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