January 9, 2018

PUMP and DUMP Equity chronicles no.4 "KALPA COMMERCIAL LTD" BSE-539014 AVOID.

UPDATE: 10th Jan 2018

Investing in stocks on SMS tips? Most likely its a manipulator trying to loot you [Economic Times]

As mentioned yesterday, there was unusual activity detected in the stock  a day after the sms was sent.


Just avoid this bloody stock and you'll be good.

9th January, 2018

I received an sms today from the header AM-EQUITY. As usual, one needs to watch the

BUY "KALPACOMME"  (BSE CODE:-539014)  AT @ 16.40


Check this company's charts here


As you will observe over the next few weeks, this pump and dump scam is in full force. The stock price will rise and maybe after a month or two will fall.

Who's responsible for this?
The promoters who are paying some fly by night "stock market operators" in order to dump their worthless stock.

Does this company's activities give you any confidence? So bloody stupid.

Kalpa Commercial Limited is an India-based textile company. The Company is a retailer of garments, fabrics, cloths, consumer electronics, mobile communications, home appliances, office equipment and luxury goods, such as perfumes and watches from brands around the world. It also offers cell phones, laptops, tablets and cameras. It also holds various brands of home appliances and electronics for day-to-day convenience. It also stocks a range of luxury brand perfumes and watches for men and women. It also offers home delivery service and installation of consumer electronics, such as air conditioners, washers and dryers, and television systems. It offers a selection of shoes, handbags and jewelry. It is engaged in trading of foodstuff commodities, such as sugar, spices, dry fruits, grains and various other commodities.


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