June 16, 2018

Update on Profiquity 16th June 2018

Profiquity has stopped sending sending the email newsletters to old HBJ clients.

They have not stopped their twitter marketing and facebook marketing.

Mr. Raman, who passed the order on HBJ and Osar Capital has retired from SEBI. However, the official in his place might soon take up complaints on Profiquity.

SEBI is collecting all the information about Profiquity through the lawyer retained by 4 former HBJ clients.

Nishant Chauhan of Profiquity threatened legal action against this Blog in Jan, 2018.

The owner of this Blog has not received any legal notice OR reply to this post (http://logtk.blogspot.com/2018/01/reply-to-nishant-chauhan-of-profiquity.html)

SEBI has received formal complaints from former HBJ clients who are very unhappy with the nexus between HBJ and Profiquity.

These 4 clients have been solicited by Profiquity during the time frame June 2016-Jan 2017.

Based on SEBI's investigation and its outcome, these former HBJ clients will consider appropriate legal action.

The owner of this blog requests all potential investors to become a subscriber of the website (Safal Niveshak) and avoid frauds like Profiquity.


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June 4, 2018

SEBI order on Kalpa Commercial (April 2018)

Came across this order from SEBI.


From Page 4- pt 8

Ex parte Interim Order in the matter of Kalpa Commercial LimitedPage 4of 248.As per the data provided by Airtel,around 3.42 crorebulk SMSeswere circulated through aggregator/telemarketer which  recommended  ‘buy’for  the  scrip  of  KCL. Further examination  by  SEBI  brought  out  that  some persons/entities  acting  as a group haveemployed misleading SMSesas a tool for creating investor interest and offloading their shares in a manipulative  manner through layeringof offmarket transactions or directly.

From the ex-parte interim order by SEBI member, Madhabhi Puri Buch.

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