June 4, 2018

SEBI order on Kalpa Commercial (April 2018)

Came across this order from SEBI.


From Page 4- pt 8

Ex parte Interim Order in the matter of Kalpa Commercial LimitedPage 4of 248.As per the data provided by Airtel,around 3.42 crorebulk SMSeswere circulated through aggregator/telemarketer which  recommended  ‘buy’for  the  scrip  of  KCL. Further examination  by  SEBI  brought  out  that  some persons/entities  acting  as a group haveemployed misleading SMSesas a tool for creating investor interest and offloading their shares in a manipulative  manner through layeringof offmarket transactions or directly.

From the ex-parte interim order by SEBI member, Madhabhi Puri Buch.

BEWARE OF ALL THESE TIPS. You will lose money.

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