February 4, 2019

FRAUD: Profiquity will make you lose money. PROOF supplied.

So I was checking Profiquity's "investment newsletters" sent to former HBJ clients. Do you think Profiquity is your friend? It is a COMPLETE FRAUD.


Check this newsletter that they sent in the month of January 2018.

It mentions 2 companies in it-

1) Lasa Supergenics
2) Sahyadri Industry Ltd

This company takes the cake. Lasa made its all time high on Jan 5, 2018 (Rs 200) and since then been declining.

It is, as of 4th Feb, 2019, at Rs 22.3 (88 % decline).

The second company mentioned in the newsletter, Sahyadri, was at Rs 292 on Jan 5th, 2018. It went up to 314 but since then has declined to 170. (41 % decline).

So if your portfolio consisted of these 2 companies (equal shares of each), your portfolio would have lost 60 % of its value as of today!

And profiquity threatens me with legal action. Nishant, this blog is still waiting to hear from you regarding the legal proceedings you threatened.


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